Finally, something that ACTUALLY works for my Fibro and RLS pain!!!

How many of us share the same? We’ve spent hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on “alternative treatments” only to be let down. I wish now I had kept track of all of my expenditures since getting sick 7 years ago. From prescription medications to supplements, creams, books and dietary items; it all adds up. Often times (for me), I get less than stellar outcomes from my money spent.

One study from The National Fibromyalgia Association found that on average, Fibro (only) patients spend $5310, per year, on out of pocket treatment expenditures.

So I was leary to try magnesium cream. I have been taking Magnesium supplements for a few months and have found no changes. But after two hellish weeks (and counting), I got desperate.

Here is what I bought:


So, I am *not* a medical professional. Any opinions I post are mine and mine alone. If you have any concerns about your health, please always see a professional and never rely on my testimony alone. Also, because I think it always warrants mentioning, I have *not* been asked to review this. I am not writing this as an ad. I’m also not necessarily saying that it will work for everyone.

But. It WORKS for me and I really needed to tell you all.

If anyone has noticed my silence, I’m sorry for my absence. My Fibro/CFS has recently caught up to me and as many of you can probably relate, once that happens, everything catches on fire. So for the past several weeks, I have been dealing with some pretty immense aches and pains. However, I have noticed that my RLS (Restless Limbs Syndrome) has been off the charts atrocious-time to make another appointment, I guess.

For me, I have RLS in my arms, as well as my legs. Typically known as Restless Legs Syndrome, this is actually not a condition that is confined to legs only. People can also experience it in their arms and trunk. Yay me and my body. I couldn’t even get by on only my legs being affected, right? Also for me, the RLS does not only cause jumping. It causes tremendous pain, almost like being electrically shocked by needles. I sometimes think I suffer more from the RLS pain than I do the Fibro. Crazy, right?

So, after weeks of getting killed by my various visiting ailments, I gave in and found this.

I searched quite a bit for magnesium cream and had to read alot of reviews and data. I ultimately chose Frida because of the following:

  • Mostly organic ingredients. Of those that are not organic, they are still healthy and pronouncable
  • Non GMO ingredients
  • Frida gives 1% of it’s profits to various Fibromyalgia NonProfits
  • It absorbed well and quickly-many reviewers struggled with other products not absorbing or rubbing in
  • Reviewers of other creams and oils complained of itching and stinging from other products-not this one!!
  • With shipping, it was only $17

The first time I used it, I could NOT even believe that 20 minutes later my pain levels were significantly lowered. I assumed it was a fluke thing and was also a result of using pain meds. So I tried it again, skeptically. Holy Hades. It worked again!!!

Since then, I have been using this for RLS in both my arms and legs-it relieves the “electricity” feeling and the need to move. I have used it on the Bursitis and Tennis Elbow and experienced significant pain relief. I also use it on the aches and pains of Fibro. And it literally, is miraculous.

Until Next Time, Stace

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11 thoughts on “Finally, something that ACTUALLY works for my Fibro and RLS pain!!!

  1. Sorry you are struggling with a recent flare. Magnesium is so important. With fibro especially! We are often so deficient. Yes, the money we spend on fake products! The money I’ve spent! When you are desperate you’ll try anything. I have magnesium I really like, but if my brand goes down, and they usually do after a time… I’ll remember Frida Botanicals!

    1. I could house a small family with all the money I’ve spent on “treatments”! So, I was really hesitant to try anything else again. A TENS Unit I bought is still waiting to be shipped back. So to have something ACTUALLY work, other than Opiods, is just really miraculous to me. Glad you found one that works too.

      1. This may sound crazy but for the RLS and cramping in the legs… Well here goes… Pickle Juice… Yes the yuk face pickle juice. My mother’s friend shares this with her. I too suffer with chronic pain illnesses from a severe car accident and they can’t seem to graps the findings of all issues but for the RLS oart of it… Try Pickle Juice

  2. Glad you have found something that works! I have been using Morton Epsom lotion. The second ingredient is ‘magnesium sulfate’ which is epsom salt. Unlike your lotion, the other ingredients listed are chemical compounds. However, this does make a huge difference in my leg and foot muscle cramps during the night. I will try your cream next when I run put of mine.

    I also take magnesium by mouth and have not noticed a difference with that.
    There are different forms of magnesium though, and I am trying through trial and error to see which may be better absorbed in my system. (I have digestive issues). The more I read, the more my head spins.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, I totally agree. I read that some of the Magnesium “types” comes with pretty awful gastro side effects. So it’s hard to know which one. I take a supplement too, but like you, have seen no results. Glad you have found something that works, it’s a really individualized thing. So what may work for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Thanks for mentioning what you use though-that may be helpful for someone else!! ~Stace

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