The Two Dogs That Saved Our Marriage.

I wanted to share this picture.

My Husband and I have been together coming up on 14 years. Last year, we had one hell of a time. Sometimes, life can just drown you and it feels impossible to get your feet under you. For the first time ever, as we cried, we discussed divorce. That’s when we found these pictures.

So, at first glance, it seems like the same dog, right? In actuality it is far more amazing than that.

On the left is me, in 1980, with my favorite dog, Timmy. On the right, also in 1980, is my Husband Brian’s dog, ALSO named Timmy.

Both Collies, both Timmy, both pics taken in 1980. And both dogs gave us the lifelong love and appreciation of animals we share today.

Finding this picture was life changing. Because it confirmed what we always thought, that Bri and I were meant to be together. It was God’s will. We knew then that we share the love of a lifetime and where there’s love, there is something worth fighting for.

The pictures are now framed and serve as a constant reminder: God always has a plan. If ever you doubt that, consider “The Two Timmys”.

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  1. So cool! My hubby and I, grew up with sibling black poodles, Mandy and Meggie… I guess that is our “Timmy’s.” Framing your pictures is a great idea and a constant reminder of what is meant to be!😊

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