Do You Know How to Find Me?

Wow. I feel absolutely horrendous today. Thank you for letting me tell *you* that to spare telling my poor Husband that for the millionth time. You’re the best!

So, while I had every intention of posting today, I just don’t have it in me.

Instead, I figured I’d tell you that I will be adding an “inspirational quote” tab to my page!! I try very hard to stay positive and grateful, but I’m a work in progress. In that spirit, I have been posting inspirational quotes on my social media pages. I hadn’t really considered, until now, that many people may not have Twitter, FB, Pinterest or Instagram accounts, so those people aren’t seeing those quotes. So now, I will also be posting them here for everyone. Next, I wanted to make sure you can find me! Below, I list my social media accounts, please follow me for pictures, videos and quick posts! I look forward to seeing you there!
<3 Stace





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6 thoughts on “Do You Know How to Find Me?

      1. omg…you made me laugh.
        what an unexpected wonderful surprise.

        feel free to save your husband anytime you need with me,
        i can relate Only Too Well. =)

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