The Importance of Having a Fibro Family for Support-Please Join Our Fibro Family!

The past two weeks have been really exciting for me, with so many readers or other Bloggers reaching out, commenting and emailing. It’s been SO great!!

When I started blogging, I really had one goal: to try to use my experience of living with multiple chronic illnesses to help others-I somehow had to create a purpose for all this suffering. What I never expected was that **I** would find support, encouragement and a sort of virtual companionship. Being sick, as many of us know, can be really lonely and isolating.

I have had several people email and tell me how excited they were to find me, this Blog (not bragging, really) and other readers and to finally have found a “support system” that they had been missing for so many years. While people who love us support us as best they can (thank you!!), it’s hard for them to truly understand all that we cope with in a day. Sometimes, it’s just tremendously comforting to speak with others who experience the same challenges.

In keeping with that, I had an idea, so let me know what you think!!!

I will be creating a special page on my Blog featuring all of YOU! I would like to have one page that lists people, their conditions and if they so choose, their contact information.

I will start out with displaying my own chronic illness Bio. If you would like to also be part of this, please send me a current picture of yourself; no emojis, avatars or meme’s will be posted. Please also provide the following: name, state you live in, age, length of illness, conditions that you are afflicted with, your website if you have one and if you would like, your contact information. Sometimes, the best resources we have are one another!! I would really like to hear your opinion on my latest brainstorm, but I would be really thrilled if you would like to join in!

If you provide your email, it will be posted. So please know, that by doing this, others may contact you and these are not necessarily people I “know”. Please provide your info at your own “risk”. While I have not had any negative interactions, to date, I cannot guarantee that this will always be the case. I am hopeful that this may be a chance for people to meet others, form some sort of companionship with one another and be a possibly awesome way to form a new support network.

Please give me your thoughts and as always, I hope you have a comfortable day!

<3 Stace

  • Name: Stacey Chapman
  • State: Massachusetts
  • Age: 44
  • Years Ill: 7
  • Afflicted With: Fibro, ME/CFS, Migraines/Chronic Headaches, Raynaud’s, RLS, fighting for diagnosis of Neuropathy, Dysautonomia
  • Blog:
  • Contact Info:

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Fighting with Fibro and Living With Purpose. Mom, Wife, Blogger and animal lover. Fighting with Chronic Illness on a minute by minute basis; sometimes winning.

11 thoughts on “The Importance of Having a Fibro Family for Support-Please Join Our Fibro Family!

  1. I shaved my head over the weekend to make life easier so now I have a very different Thinking Cap. I hope to complete a Fibro post with a photo. I’ll send my bio later, shouldn’t you decide who you want on the page instead of a free for all. That’s a lot of work on you. Something to think about. Beautiful photo, a good pain day. Hugs.

    1. Oh goodness, you shaved it? Are you ok? I’m sorry. More room for cute hats now?
      I’m trying to decide exactly how I want to organize it. I’m thinking maybe one page dedicated to Blogs and one page dedicated to individuals who would like to connect. The choices seemed easy at first, but my perfectionism is rearing and now I can’t decide…….

  2. i am from England .i have m.e …migraines long list health issues .people never see the every day effects .most are very Snotty Nosed with there views/judgements .i take part in a lot lot research
    my blog,http;//

  3. This community of bloggers is fabulous! I agree, we give support and receive so much more! We have resources, friends, and even, sometimes… fun! I think that’s a nice way to support your fellow bloggers and I agree with ‘Looking for the Light.’ I think you should choose. I see you are part of the Fibro Blog community, Lee would be proud of you wanting to do this! Anyway, great idea and the very best of luck!!! Yay! ~k.

    1. I just got “accepted” to the Fibro Blogger Directory, so I’m brand new to it and I don’t know Lee well. However, he was my very first Pinterest Follower and for that, I’m grateful. Awwww and thank you, joining “the community” was something I hadn’t done for many years. I am just now realizing how helpful (and nice) it is. I was just explaining to Looking for the Light that I now need to decide how I want to organize it. I’m thinking. Putting something into motion is a little different from coming up with the idea. I’m thinking it may have a few iterations to it before it becomes what I have in my head. But I have heard from several people how nice it is to connect with others who truly understand. So I really want to see if I can enable that with my Blog, somehow. I hate to hear about people suffering in isolation. As you just said, it’s a way to develop friendships and have “fun” within the confines that we all have. Thanks for commenting and giving me your thoughts, Kim!! Always appreciated!

  4. It’s fantastic that you’re getting such feedback, you should be very proud for everything you’re achieving through your blog Stacey, you’re a great source of information, suggestions and support. I’ve always wanted the same, to try to help others, even if in just small ways. I love the idea of the page on your blog, that’s a very kind gesture and a great way to introduce new bloggers for everyone to check out.

    I’d like to join this, if I may? You can right click to save the pic from here – pic 5 in the Old No.7 t-shirt –

    Name : Caz
    State : South West England, UK
    Age : 30
    Years Ill : 11
    Afflicted With : Fibromyalgia, Ileostomy (stoma), Raynaud’s, Migraines, anxiety, pernicious anaemia, various long term deficiencies, osteopenia, asthma/lung inflammation, erythromelalgia, undifferentiated connective tissue disease, chronic pain.

    Blog :

    Contact Info :

    1. Oh. Thank you so much. I would absolutely love to have you!! YAY 😊 I think that’s one of the best things about blogging is that you get to meet great people who are using their experience to help others-just like you! I have found it so helpful and comforting to begin having a support network of people “like me”. It’s something I had really been missing in this journey and I would like to try to make it easier for others to find (and have) that too. I will be working to get that page up soon. ❤️️ Stace
      ps You absolutely are helping people!! So thank you. !

  5. Hi, I just came across this. I am a new fibromyalgia diagnosee. Have suffered many years with Osteoarthritis and asthma and any and all kinds of allergiesI would love to be a part of this blog.

    1. Hi Vicki!!! It’s so great to meet you!!! I’m so happy you found me/us!! I’m sorry about your diagnosis. I hope getting answers was helpful for you. It can be a double edged sword. Consider yourself at home here…..a lot of really great people and Bloggers pop in to comment and say hello. I still haven’t found the best way for us all to communicate, but I am still looking. For now, I have a page dedicated to naming some great Blogs and Bloggers and I am using social media to communicate.
      You can find me on
      Twitter: FightingwithF
      Instagram: fightingWithfibro1
      Facebook and Pinterest: FightingWithFibro
      You can also contact me directly mvia my contact page.
      I also hope you will sign up to follow my Blog.
      Welcome home, Vicki
      ❤️️Stace ❤️

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