Intermittent Fasting For Chronic Illness Week 3 Update

It’s been three weeks since we implemented intermittent fasting. You can find the original post here:

As I told you I would, I’m here to write an update. I wish I had some earth shattering results and I could report that I’ve been cured. No such luck. But, here’s what I/we have found:

  • I’ve lost 3 pounds. It was 5, but well, Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups called and I had to answer
  • My Husband has lost 10 pounds, has seen his stomach shrink and his pants are looser
  • With my Husband’s crazy schedule of work, school, helping me and Jiu-Jitsu, sticking to the 8/16 has been really tough during the week
  • Weekdays, we now try to eat and be done no later than 7pm
  • On weekends, Bri and I try to stick to the 8/16. If you remember, this means we eat for 8 hours and don’t for 16
  • This is probably about the easiest time either of us have ever had losing weight
  • We eat what we want, when we want, provided it is within our “eating window”
  • I love only having to worry about one thing: the time I start and stop eating
  • Overall, we both consume less food/calories, because we’re just too full to cram in another meal/snack
  • As a whole, because we have become so conscious of what and when we’re eating, there is a natural disposition to want to eat healthier
  • I have woken up, a few mornings, without the immediate pain and stiffness

Many of the things I just listed are what I had initially observed in week one, when I wrote my original post. However, it is still early and I expect things like lowering my cholesterol to take considerably longer than three weeks. Overall, we both find it pretty easy, with occasionally struggling not to munch in front of the tv. And without a doubt, it is something that we will continue to do for the longterm.

I am hoping the longer we continue to eat this way, the more discernible differences there will be. At the three month mark, I plan to have my cholesterol rechecked and will hope for a more positive score.

Until then, check out Dr. Eric Berg who has a YouTube channel specifically for IF.

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7 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting For Chronic Illness Week 3 Update

  1. Hi Stacey,
    Did you stick with the intermittent fasting and did it help any. We are almost two years after this post.

    1. Hi Monika,
      Funny, I was just thinking I hadn’t done an update on this article.
      I have stuck with it! I’ll try to get to a follow up post sooner than later.
      I am sad to say that I have not found any relief of symptoms to have come from fasting.
      I now do it for overall health reasons and to do things like keep my cholesterol down.
      I have also found that my body naturally craves healthier foods, by eating so much less. Which is very helpful. It’s like my body knows what it needs and craves that, instead of junk. If I do have a day where I don’t eat well, I find that my body actually craves only good food for several days after. It makes it much easier to stay on a healthy eating path!
      Biggest bonus?? I can still eat ice cream whenever I want. Maybe that’s the biggest perk of all!
      Thanks for asking!

      1. Hi Stacey, Thanks for giving me the update. I’m disappointed that the fasting didn’t help your fibro any. Did you find anything else that has helped it?
        I’ve been eating healthy for many years already so this is just an added restriction to see if it would help my body repair cells and get me to a more healthy situation overall but definitely including pain. I’ve gone between Paleo and Raw Vegan for a while now and anywhere in between. What diet are you on where Ice Cream is healthy haha?

      2. Wow, Monika…..attack my ice cream, now that’s not nice LOL 🤣 Ouch.
        Listen, I didn’t say ice cream was healthy….but if it’s organic does that count? LOLOL
        Okay, all kidding aside. I cannot give you any definitive ways in which IF has helped. I’m sorry.
        Although I would be curious to have my cholesterol checked again, I was becoming borderline high (it runs in my family). So if it improved solely that, it’s worth it. I have read countless studies on IF repairing Mitochondrial cells, if you fast long enough to hit autophagy. So that was one of the other reasons I decided to do it; cell repair (or preventing further disease). Since I can’t tell if my Mitochondria cells are actually repairing, I just trust that they are.
        I have tried every diet out there, Monika…vegan, gluten free, sugar free, rheumatological, no night shades, had to go on a special diet for misdiagnosed Meniere’s…..I’ve never found any dietary change to alleviate anything. So maybe I’m just an anomaly, to begin with (my friends would tell you I’m an anomaly for sure 🤣).
        Maybe this is why I didn’t do an update. Of note, I have been pretty much a lifelong (on and off) Vegetarian due to my love and respect for living things. After knock em down arguments, my Husband coerced me into becoming a carnivore again, convinced that the added protein and animal products would help. After nearly two years, I’ve stubbornly gone back to Vegetarianism permanently. I hate eating beings…..

        I know a lot of Bloggers talk about how life changes have helped them. My Rheumatologist lectured me that proper sleep, good diet, routine and exercise would help.
        And I have to say, nothing *ever* helps. At least not me.
        I live in a tightly controlled bubble; my family knows stress puts me in bed and they try their beyond best not to cause me any….I do everything I’m supposed to (although as you so nicely pointed out, my diet could be a little better 😂). I exercise, sleep well (for now), keep a routine……I’m still down about 65%-75% of the time.
        Maybe “help” means that I’m no longer bedridden and screaming in pain constantly and maybe that’s a misinterpretation on my part. When I first got sick, I was pretty much bedridden for 18 months. So maybe down 70% of the time IS improvement……and my expectation of “better” is just too large. To me, this isn’t better….I oftentimes feel like I just exist.
        But I wouldn’t suggest giving up trying and each of us is very different. What works for some doesn’t work for all, but who knows?…
        It’s a balance. And all I try to do is relish and hold very tightly to the 25% of life I do get.
        I’m sorry I can’t give you more. But keep looking and keep trying. Who knows what may help you? ❤️

      3. Hi again Stacey! I’m so glad you are so improved. We have a tendency to forget to be so grateful for how far we’ve come or how bad it could still be, or god forbid, how much worse it could be. I am like you, I want to find the answer that will bring me back to full health!! And anything less is not good enough. Anyways, I have a lot in common with you and all that you’ve tried. I would love to chat with you more about it. My email is Send me a note and we can exchange numbers and chat if you feel like it.
        In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful day and wishing you and your family a fun and happy Halloween 👻

      4. Thanks Monika.
        I go through bouts, to be honest.
        I have to give up on answers, Doctors and meds pretty regularly, in order to maintain my mental health.
        We spent 5 years chasing every Specialist and every medicine we could find in a quest to be better. It nearly killed my spirit and body.
        So I did just see a Specialist in Houston, which I will write about. But for the most part, I cannot mentally handle chasing a cure anymore.
        It doesn’t mean I’ve given up. It just means I now try to focus on living within the confines of all the illness I have.
        So we’ll give this guy a whirl, I loved him. But he’s the only one for now…..If he can’t help, despite his assurances, it may be another two years before I try anyone again. Or more. Or less.
        As with everything in the chronic life, it’s a huge balancing act.
        You can always email me through my contact page.
        But only if you don’t pick on my ice cream addiction (which, incidentally, the new Doc just took away. I blame you, you know 😝😉🤣)
        Much Love ❤️ Stace

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