The Blogs and Bloggers I Follow as a Chronic Illness Blogger

Long before I began blogging, I was following Blogs about Chronic Illness/Pain, Fibro and CFS/ME. Over the years, I have come across some really great Blogs and met some really great Bloggers. So I wanted to introduce you to them. I am so grateful to have found a plethora of information and encouragement, over the years, from great people like them.

**UPDATE**: The great thing about the blogging world is the support that comes with finding people who live with similar challenges. We know and understand what it is to live like this, when often, others cannot. We may have experienced the same symptoms and can offer advice or suggestions. Sometimes, it simply comes down to the ability to make connections again, after many of us have had to abandon our careers. After nearly a year of being part of this blogging world, I am happy to have met even more awesome bloggers and friends than when I originally wrote this post. As such, I felt it was a great time to add a few names to my already awesome list:

Jayne, at See Jayne Run, holds a special place in my heart. She is full of life and personality and happens to swear as much as I do! Despite all she has lived with and endured, she still keeps a positive and hopeful outlook on life. Which, as we all know, can sometimes be super challenging. Jayne writes a super eloquent Blog at:

Terri writes at: Terri has been living with Fibro since 2012 and has been writing for nearly three years. I really love hearing from Terri through blogging. She writes positive, helpful posts and takes ownership of having once lost hope in her battle; something we can pretty much all, sadly, relate to.

Pamela Jessen writes about Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue and Invisible Illnesses on her Blog; which covers alot of territory! She is a prolific volunteer and is incredibly involved in the chronic illness community, offering a voice for those of us so often underrepresented. Find Pamela’s blog here:

I keep inadvertently updating my post without highlighting one of my favorite Bloggers (and people), Michelle Curtis. I thoroughly enjoy hearing from her and interacting through both our pages and within the community. Michelle has a pretty unique Blog, called The Zebra Pit; which is actually more of a community. She writes with two other Bloggers and covers a ton of topics from EDS to Fibro and everything that living with chronic illness brings between. While I keep forgetting to give her a shout out, both she and her blog are actually pretty unforgettable. You can find Michelle and her blog, here:

Meet Caz at InvisiblyMe-you will absolutely love her!! Caz has been sick for 11 years and blogs about a myriad of conditions and living life positively with them. You can feel that same positivity and warmth in every exchange you have with Caz. You can check out her Blog here:

Kim, at I Tripped Over a Stone, was one of the very first Bloggers that welcomed me to the Blogging world with open arms and really encouraged me. Kim is a veteran spoonie and aside from writing her blog, maintains a Facebook page and has written a book about Fibro. Please find Kim here, I’m sure she’ll be just as warm to you: 

Melinda is another Blogger who has been super welcoming and supportive. The thing about Melinda is this: she’s fiesty!! Despite Melinda suffering from multiple health issues, she still finds the time to be positive and occasionally silly. Melinda blogs in a couple places. You can find her here: and here:

Lee Good was my very first Pinterest follower and every exchange I’ve had with her has been great! Lee has her own Blog: but Lee also manages The Fibro Blogger Directory here: The great thing about Lee’s directory is that you can find great Fibro Bloggers from around the world conveniently listed in Lee’s directory.

Claire Saul writes at PainPals Blog. Claire has an award winning Blog and does a great roundup of inspiring (and helpful) weekly blog posts on Mondays. This Monday Magic gives one an opportunity to check out other great blogs, besides Claire’s. But make sure not to skip over her great content! Find Claire here: 

While I haven’t had any specific interactions with the Bloggers who write these Blogs, I have found their Blogs to be very informative! I imagine these Bloggers are just as awesome as their content. Check them out!

If I have forgotten you, please forgive me-it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t *love* your Blog!! This is a dynamic page and will be updated and added to accordingly! I find and meet great Bloggers every day!  

<3 Stace

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Fighting with Fibro and Living With Purpose. Mom, Wife, Blogger and animal lover. Fighting with Chronic Illness on a minute by minute basis; sometimes winning.

14 thoughts on “The Blogs and Bloggers I Follow as a Chronic Illness Blogger

  1. Very cool Stace! I’ve been on the mend so coming back and reading an intro blog is a welcomed reminder of why I blog! And it was a delight to welcome you, a talented blogger yourself, to the blogging world! Lee Good is a great lady! Her Blogger Directory and Pinterest reaching out to form sharing boards is phenomenal! You will thoroughly enjoy her blogging prompts! I think I follow all but two of the blogs you mentioned. I’ll definitely check them out!!! ~k.

      1. Nope it’s Lee and Roy Good. They live in Australia. I’ve emailed with Lee many times and she’s read and reviewed my book. It’s confusing because LeRoy is a pretty common name in the states. But I promise you, Lee is a gal! Honest mistake. I really thought the same! I am mending! Time to get back to my tribe! I have missed you all so much! It feels great to be back! 😊

  2. You are such a beautiful soul and the blogging world is a better place with you in it for the support, thoughts, suggestions, inspiration and compassion you share. This is such a lovely idea, to give a shout-out to other bloggers and introduce readers to other blogs they may not have come across, too. You are incredibly kind to mention me, thank you so much! I don’t know what to say, thank you 🙂
    Caz xxxx

    1. Awww, nothing to say, Caz. You’re so welcome, I was thrilled to include you. I’ve heard from a couple of people that are newly diagnosed and looking for info & “guidance”. I thought I’d try to point similar readers to great sites to get their info from and start building a support network……naturally, you and your kindness and welcoming needed to be included!! <3 Stace

  3. Hi Stacey! I’d love to get a nod for my newly-launched blog I battle fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, IBS and gastroparesis every day. I post weekly about the overlapping nature of chronic pain and mental illness. I pack each post with candor about my struggles and victories, tons of information, inspiration, humor, new research, resources, tips and tricks and a healthy dose of self love tactics. I’d really appreciate your feedback!

    1. Congrats on starting your blog! Good for you! I’ll be happy to pop over, thanks for the invite! I think it’s a great approach to post about your victories, as well as, your struggles and humor always works!

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