Essential Oil Bug Spray Recipe for Dogs

Meet Oliver…..Oliver is a Schnauzer Mix Rescue, who also happens to be an Angel in a fur suit. <3

We also have a second dog, Lola, whom I also love dearly. But Oliver is my dog, while Lola’s favorites are my Husband and youngest Son. Oliver saved my life, when I saved him in 2016, after close to 4 years of being desperately ill. The will to save him gave me back the will to live and subsequently, my will to fight.

We never had dogs before I got sick. Now, I thank God every day for Blessing us with their love.

Part of adoring dogs is fiercely protecting them. And protecting them outside, from naturally occurring “predators” is a hugely important piece of being a doting doggie Momma.

Mosquitos can carry heartworm, ticks can cause tick fever and lyme, fleas can cause allergic reactions and infest your house and biting flies and ants can make the outside a dangerous place for them!

We treat our dogs monthly with Heartgard and Nexgard, but these don’t work to repel biting bugs, they only work once the dog has been bitten. As a result of that and swollen, bloody welts on his poor belly, I designed a safe, non toxic bug spray for dogs. It is made out of Essential Oils and water and is Vet approved!!

When using this spray for your dogs, ensure that you don’t use too much, as dogs’ noses are significantly more sensitive than ours. Don’t spray it near their eyes as essential oils burn very badly if they get in the eyes. So, without me carrying on more about my fierce love of dogs, here is the recipe:

  • 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Eucalyptus Oil

Once combined, dilute these oils using either bottled Distilled Water or boil your own. You can use a 1 ounce glass bottle with a spray top, available here, from Mountain Rose Herbs:

Wait 24 hours after making the mixture for maximum efficacy.

My favorite oil suppliers are Ancient Apothecary, DoTerra and Young Living. Whenever possible, I choose Organic Essential Oils.

Once your spray is all made, lightly mist your fuzzy’s legs, belly and back, taking care not to use too much (which is part of why I like MR Herbs fine mist spray bottle). If you do get it too close to their eyes, quickly use a Carrier Oil such as Vegetable Oil or Fractionated Coconut Oil (a liquid form of Coconut Oil). This will quickly and effectively eliminate the burning.

I cannot say enough how effective or helpful using this bug spray has been. I no longer repeatedly pull ticks off our dogs and now I know that they can safely be outdoors to enjoy the nice weather. No bloody, welted bites either. Bonus: it also works great for humans!!

From one dog lover to another <3 Stace

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2 thoughts on “Essential Oil Bug Spray Recipe for Dogs

  1. Oliver is a cutie, and it’s so sweet that you’ve saved each other. What an incredible thing to be able to do, creating a non toxic bug spray – such a great idea! This is really useful for anyone with dogs, I’ll share this post with those I know who have dogs of their own, and I’ll share on social media too. Wonderful post, Stace!
    Caz xx

    1. Thanks so much, Caz!! I really appreciate that! I cannot imagine living (sick) this way without my little mascot. He just means the absolute world to me!! So protecting him and keeping him healthy is one of my top priorities! Plus it’s just the worst when he comes in covered from awful welts! This recipe is THE best, because it works AND it’s non toxic! My Holistic Vet even approves it!!

      Last week, I had friends come to visit, I hadn’t seen in ten years. I didn’t realize his Wife was afraid of dogs. Within 30 minutes, Oliver was sleeping in her lap, paws in the air and she didn’t want to go out to lunch and miss snuggling with him. They even texted me later to tell me how in love they were with him. He’s SUCH a gift <3

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