Chronic Illness Never Takes a Day Off…(funny pic)

Chronic Illness never takes a day off. It’s finally sunny and 70 in Massachusetts today. How am I spending this absolutely gorgeous day? Sleeping, in pain, sitting on the couch watching tv, trying not to be sick.

So I just have to say:

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12 thoughts on “Chronic Illness Never Takes a Day Off…(funny pic)

  1. Love the picture! Too funny!

    In the 90’s and so humid here in southern Virginia. Doing anything feels like trudging uphill in quicksand.

    1. Love that! Trudging uphill in quicksand!! Can I steal that nfor an upcoming post? I hope you can stay (somewhat) cool. My Husband, Bri, was in Georgia for basic training (years ago) and *still* talks about the heat and humidity there!!

  2. I also live in Mass, and I spent the day exactly the same way except for the being sick part. Is it the weather? I never can tell.

    1. Oh goodness. We’d win a Nobel Prize if we could figure out what triggers it, right? It’s terrible, the weather has changed SO much in MA that all it ever does is rain. So I really hate feeling lousy on the very few sunny days we get!! Typically I feel worse when it rains or is humid, but there’s nothing typical with chronic illness!!! I’m sorry about your day-I hope it’s better today! <3 Stace

  3. I’m sorry you’re having to spend a nice day indoors feeling so awful. Typical isn’t it, when you finally get some nice sunshine to not be able to enjoy it? 🙁
    I love the pic though, glad the nausea hasn’t ruined your sense of humour!
    I hope you are feeling at least a tad brighter tomorrow, Stace, & that the sun stays out.. maybe you could sit outside for a little then, and take your knives with you? Sending hugs xxx

    1. LOL, if I didn’t laugh, I’d lose my mind! I’m glad you liked it!! Maybe if we got more sunnier days here (in Massachusetts), it would be easier to contend with. But these days it rains for like ten days for every one day of sun we get. That just makes it all the worse. I live for my dog walks!!

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