Today is National Rescue Dog Day!!

Today, May 20th, is National Rescue Dog Day!! So no matter how lousy I’m feeling, I needed to post in recognition and appreciation for the two dogs who adopted us. After falling ill, we finally had the right home situation to adopt and in 2013, we brought home our Australian Shepard mix, Lola. Three years later, we decided Lola needed a friend. Oliver, a Schnauzer mix, came home in 2016 and has been THE perfect Brother for Lola. These two complete our family, bring us unending joy, companionship and love and make this chronic life a little more “dogable”.

While Lola had the good fortune of being in a rescue home, Oliver was discarded at an abandoned Post Office and “rescued” by a “shelter”. He was in a cage 22 of 24 hours a day and came with the worst case of parasites our Vet had ever seen. Oliver arrived a sick, but literally perfect dog. No accidents, no chewing, nothing. We often say that it felt like he was never a puppy, because he never did any “puppy like” things. I think Oliver always knew he was a rescue and felt lucky to be here. But not as lucky as I am.

So today and everyday, please adopt, don’t shop. Dogs are a precious and wonderful gift in our lives and are all deserving of warm, loving, safe homes.

<3 Stace

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