Be Green Bath and Body Review and Coupon Code!

I am SO excited to be writing this Sponsored Post. It is actually my very first sponsored post. I hope any of you, that know me by now, know that if I am tauting a product, it is because it is worth my tauting!! I take my responsibility to my readers very seriously. As such, I only write about and recommend products that I truly believe in.

Last week, I ordered my All Natural Deodorant from Be Green Bath and Body, because I can’t ever run out. When I received it, I realized I just HAD to tell you all about it, because it *ACTUALLY WORKS*!!!! I can’t remember when I made the switch to natural deodorants, it was umpteen years ago. In those years, I cannot even tell you how many brands I tried and threw away. I never found one that ever worked. Maybe some masked smell or some provided protection against wetness, but I’ve never come across any that worked against both.

If you have Fibro, you may be like me. People with Fibro are more inclined to have a condition called Hyperhidrosis; which is basically the clinical term for excessive sweating. It can make life pretty miserable and embarrassing, especially when nothing works. Even the stronger supermarket deodorants didn’t work. So it made my search for an effective deodorant that much more challenging. That’s when I decided to use the EWG’s Skin Deep database to search for a new one.

Without going into too much detail on EWG (at least not in this post), EWG stands for Environmental Working Group. They are a wholly independent “certifying body” that does not accept donations from politicians or corporations. Instead, they are entirely independent-which makes them unbiased. They rate companies on the safety of their products and their ingredients. Companies can go through a rigorous process to have their products EWG Verified. Doing so is not mandatory, for any cosmetics firm, so when a company elects to become EWG Verified, it is because they place their product safety and that of their consumers first.

Be Green Bath and Body goes even above that. On top of offering 25 EWG Verified products, they are an environmentally responsible company and do not test on animals; something I personally find to be tremendously important!!

As for their deodorant; it is free of those super dangerous, toxic and scary typical deodorant ingredients: aluminum, parabens and propylene glycol. Instead, it uses recognizable and healthy ingredients like: Arrowroot, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil, Beeswax and Essential Oils.

Once I realized how absolutely fantastic their deodorant is, well, of course, I went on to order other products from them!! Two of my other favorites from them are the Shea Butter Tin and Makeup Remover. Both of these are also EWG Verified and both also contain minimal, safe and some organic ingredients. Having a tin of their Shea Butter is a must in New England, when the cold just wreaks havoc on the skin.

Did I mention that they are located in Massachusetts, like me? Just another bonus!!! The products are made locally and in small batches.

As I am writing this, I have noticed that they have a Rosehip Regenerative Serum. I totally must have missed this because I adore Rose Hip Oil!!! I cannot wait to try it, which will bring me to my final point: Be Green Bath and Body is offering all of my readers a special discount to try their products!!! Once you do, I am confident that you will love their products just as much as I do!!! So from now until June 30th, enjoy 15% off their products!

I hope you love their products as much as I do!! <3 Stace

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2 thoughts on “Be Green Bath and Body Review and Coupon Code!

  1. Oooo this brand sounds very innovative both in terms of their products & being environmentally friendly. I use a roll-on deodorant now that is supposed to block sweat glands, as I found a few years ago that other deodorants seemed to stop being absorbed by my skin, like they’d just wipe off. Odd. I also like the sound of their tin of Shea Butter! Great write-up & a lovely bonus with the discount code! xx

    1. Thanks Caz!!! I had your Blog open to read your reviews while I wrote this 😉
      I really love this brand and all it stands for. Plus!!! It’s owned by a woman who fought breast cancer!!! (Shoot-I guess I should have mentioned that too 🤔) OMG I got their Rosehip Serum and it’s ridiculously awesome!!

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