My Life With Chronic Illness in Pictures

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Fighting with Fibro and Living With Purpose. Mom, Wife, Blogger and animal lover. Fighting with Chronic Illness on a minute by minute basis; sometimes winning.

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  1. You’re making the most of life, looks like a beautiful family, wonderful understanding kids. The photos share the whole picture of your life. I love the mask, where did you get them?

    1. My Blessings are many. That’s for sure!! Thank you.
      Those masks came off Amazon. Here’s the link:

      I love them because I can have multiple masks in all the places I need them and then just wash them in hot water when I’m done!! Besides, nothing is better than little kids wanting to pet you because you look like a kitty 😉

      1. Awesome! I just checked with her and she said sure!
        Her name is Amy Klein
        Knotty Bow Co.
        Amy.knottybowco@gmail. com
        Facebook@ KnottyBowCo
        Instagram @Knottybowco

      2. Amy makes them for Adult and Children sizes as well.
        Stacey, Thank You so much! 💜💜💜💜

  2. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not lazy.. seventeen years and that’s still the hardest part for me.

    1. You’re definitely not lazy. Although I grapple with the same thing. I consistently have to work to undo that mindset-it’s so unhealthy and unhelpful for us.
      Interesting, though, I’ve read in more than one place, that a very high proportion of those afflicted with Fibro are Type A, successful, driven perfectionists. We’re about the worst people, ever, to become chronically ill. There was even a Fibro Clinic held at The Mayo Clinic that demonstrated exactly that. I guess I’m not really sure what the physical correlation is to us being more prone, but it’s interesting nonetheless.
      17 years is a long time, Sherry. It’s time to forgive yourself. You didn’t choose this or ask to get sick. And when I get great at undoing this same mindset, I’ll let you know!! <3 Stace

      1. Could it be that the others are so laid back (or actually lazy by nature) that they just don’t notice?

  3. Thank you for sharing your personal walk with fibromyalgia. As I’m writing this it brings tears to my eyes. It’s one thing to feel it yourself, it’s quiet another to see it through another’s eyes. God Bless You for your posts and blogs. It’s so helpful to have a safe haven to vent and find useful information. 💜

    1. Oh. You’ll make me cry. Thank you. I am so happy you resonate with this post. As I was gathering all the photos I was astonished at how many of them (tons not included) were taken by me laying on the couch; it hurts my heart. It really put things in perspective. I realized too, how many, many pictures were missing: Doctors visits, tests and more tests, the ER, Urgent Care-so I will probably eventually do an update to this post. But you’re so right, it’s pretty eye opening to see this way.

      I am Stace, what is your name? Thank you so much for commenting. I really appreciate it. I’m so happy to meet you and I’m really glad you’re here. I can confidently say that I have THE best readers anywhere. They really make my Blog an incredible, warm and safe place.
      Welcome home <3 Stace

      1. My name is Lisa Kreimes. I was just going over some posts and realized I didn’t answer your question! I do get your emails as well. I enjoy what you write as it is so relatable as to what I go through.
        Thank you so very much. 💜🌺🍁🙋‍♀️

      2. Hi Lisa!!! Thanks for telling me it’s you, as I wouldn’t have recognized you by “hopeful59”.
        It’s okay, no worries about responses. We all do what we can/when we can. As long as my responses help 😁
        Thank you so much, I’m SO happy you find my content relatable and that it helps….
        I’m grateful to have you!

    1. I love that! How true. Yes!! That’s exactly what (this) life is! Thank you! <3
      Forgive me if I missed it; what is your first name? I feel badly calling you Allysgrandma.

  4. Thank you for sharing these private moments of your life. And moments is the wrong word for, assuming we are living almost parallel lives, (a big assumption, I grant you) I KNOW that these aren’t moments of your life. This IS your life! And yes, I see frustration, resignation and woe but oh, so much joy and love and comfort and…strength! One of the most difficult things for us Chronics to remember and really “get” is that there are many different forms of a Full Life. Our lives may feel derailed but we can find joy on the paths we end up taking. We still have Purpose. And we still have a great deal to Give to others. Thank you for Giving, Stace. XO

    1. I would agree that our lives have many, many parallels, Jayne!!
      You’re so right and that’s one of the reasons for my post. It can be really, really painful for us: mind, body and soul. Sometimes, it seems easier or less painful to shut down. Often times I (or we) can lament our old lives and lose sight that this life is still full and can still be beautiful, regardless of all the pain and illness. It takes a lot of work, mentally, to remember that and sometimes, I still have a hard time with it. But our life is still beautiful and meaningful. Chronic illness cannot rob us of everything unless we allow it to. As always, Jayne, thanks for reading and commenting!! ❤️️❤️

      1. This new, for me, blogging world (the reading as well as the writing) has been a daily reminder that there is life out there. I knew this, deep inside, but it would only manifest occasionally. Now I’m beginning to realize that there can be life on the bad days too. XO

      2. You’re right, Jayne and I’m just so happy you have re-joined the world ❤️❤️❤️️.
        It can be impossible to remember that we really can enjoy life when we always feel awful. But we can. Sometimes we just need to dig deep to remind ourselves of that. Our chronic lives may have little resemblance to our old lives-but we can eventually still find happiness within the new ones ❤️️❤️️

  5. I feel we have quite a few things in common – love for blankies, the medication stash & inhalers (I’m running out of room to store supplies as I have stoma stuff, too, I think we need a bigger house!), I’m wearing the same shade of nail varnish as you did at your wedding & it’s my favourite, Raynaud’s being a nuisance, and loving snuggles with our furbabies (I miss my dog so much, the cat snuggles only when he wants to which isn’t as often as I’d like!)

    This is such an honest insight into your life, Stace. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.xxxx

    1. I totally agree, Caz!! Just one more reason to love you 😍😉
      I just found and ordered some really awesome crocheted baskets to store my meds, because they’re in practically every room in the house! At least that makes them less messy to look at. Oh no-I’m so sorry, did you lose your pup?? I lost my beloved ( and enormous) Tomcat, Duncan, two years ago, he was the best snuggler ever-I miss him to pieces. I am SO Blessed to now have Oliver my Schnauzer who’s pretty good at it. I think Duncan sent him. Don’t forget our mutual love of fun clothes!!
      Thank you so much. I was excited to create this post. I’m so happy you liked it!!! I hope you still have some hair left over your Amazon fight! Don’t sacrifice all your spoons!!!

  6. Stacey you are truly a wonderful blessing to us all. Looking at your pictures taught be something important. To stop pushing so hard! I think because I always push myself so very much is why it’s so hard for my daughters and my husband to accept to really accept my illness and my limits. You are my hero and I’m thankful for putting it all out there. I can relate to those pictures. God bless you for all that you do to help us all. Would love to meet you. Love and prayers Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy!!! I’m sorry it took me so long-family emergency. Awww. I’m so happy you gleened something from my post! I agree-it’s almost a no win situation, right? Pushing ourselves and feigning normalcy only perpetuates others’ thinking that we’re fine and exaggerate (or fake) our illness. But that simply isn’t true. It’s just that life doesn’t slow down to accommodate us.
      I went through that this week during an emergency. I had no other option than to push all week. But outsiders can’t see what we do to ourselves when we push that hard. After pushing for days, I passed out and was on the floor when Bri found me. No one but my Husband saw this……with no choice, I was at it pushing again two days later.
      And you’re too sweet to call me your hero ❤️️ Awwww, I love you too. Thank you for Blessing my life. If you’re ever in Massachusetts, please come see me!!!

      1. You make my day every time I read your posts and your comments. You are truly a dose of sunshine ☀️ In all our lives. I have wonderful nuns that I visit in Boston and I’ll surely keep you posted on my next visit. God bless you. You are in my thoughts and prayers all the time. 🙏🏻❤️

      2. Thank you Sandy. I feel the same way about you!! Next time you visit, certainly let me know! I would absolutely love to meet you and give you a hug!! As you said, you’re in MY thoughts and prayers constantly, too. I hope you feel well enough to have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be thinking of you and our visit fondly. <3 Stace

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