10 Affordable Ways to Brighten That Room You Never Leave!

Most of us, (that I know), that are chronically ill are either mostly home bound or at least spend an awful lot of time there. As such, it can get pretty gloomy and disheartening. I certainly know I suffer from the doldrums when I’m stuck on the couch constantly.

A couple years ago, during a really extended time on the couch, I woke up to this:

Before my Husband, Bri left for work, he simply created something beautiful and cheerful for me to see when I woke up. I can’t even tell you how much it brightened my spirits the entire day and then some. Since then, knowing how much his “redecorating” did for my soul, we’ve kind of gone on a whole house redo for the soul. Because as much as my home is my saving grace, it can become pretty discouraging to always be trapped there.

As such, here are ten affordable things we did, over time, to brighten up the surroundings I never leave:

  1. Get rid of clutter!! I cannot even tell you how helpful this has been!! While obviously making it easier to clean, I really feel like my soul is less cluttered with all the extra “junk” cleared out.
  2. Paint! Now granted, we are totally “do it yourselfers”, BUT painting really is easy and pretty inexpensive.
  3. Add some fun throw pillows! I loved browsing on Etsy for pillow covers to cover the pillows I already had.
  4. Add photos! I LOVE pictures I admit it!! Pictures of my wedding, the kids, our favorite vacation spot, I even have framed pictures of my pets!!
  5. Add a new fuzzy blanket! I can never have enough fuzzy blankets. And depending on how I’m feeling, depends which one I need. Some are softer or fuzzier than the other.
  6. Add candles or an essential oil diffuser! I admit, I have both. While I can’t always handle the smells due to sensitivity, when I can, I love smelling the relaxing aroma of Lavender or peonies.
  7. Add a soft lamp. I suffer from migraines, alot. So often times, I can’t handle the glare of bright lights. I found an absolutely adorable Kate Spade lamp at HomeGoods for a steal! Now I typically turn that on to softly light my room.
  8. Change the curtains! I actually recently bought a gorgeous pair of linen curtains from Target. But I have totally also scored curtains at bargain bin places like Big Lots. Changing curtains can have a pretty dramatic change on a room!
  9. Add flowers! I just recently found a really pretty little red bouquet in a pot for my Aunt’s new digs. It adds just the right amount of color and pop to a room, without the responsibility of taking care of it!!
  10. Add artwork! I still have some of my kids’ artwork hanging, despite my youngest being 20. Whether it’s your kids’ art or a print from Home Goods or Etsy, artwork can totally perk up a room.

Granted, this mostly focuses on my living room. But, a little goes a long way in all our rooms! Having a bright and cheerful home makes it just a little easier to stay there all the time. Truthfully, sometimes, even when I feel well, I don’t want to leave anymore!!

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6 thoughts on “10 Affordable Ways to Brighten That Room You Never Leave!

  1. These are some great suggestions Stace! That was such a sweet thing for your husband to do. It’s amazing what a difference a few small changes can make. Like you, I find that keeping spaces clutter-free make cleaning easier and make me feel more able to relax.

    1. Thanks so much, Terri. I’m glad you found the post helpful! I know. I’m such a lucky girl. Bri doing that really showed me how important my housebound environment is and as you said, a few simple changes or additions go a long way! Oh, I cannot even tell you how much better I feel minus the clutter!!! I swear my head is neater!

  2. What a sweet husband! I’m in bed right now with my laptop because mine brought me coffee! I am actively decluttering now myself. I could not find the Dinovite I ordered for my chihuahua who suffers from sensitive skin and itching. I went next door to borrow some because I told them to get it for their new little dog who would not stop scratching. It works for theirs too. Oh wait this is about making our environment better. I just walk in my very messy sewing room with quilt blocks hung up around below the ceiling on ribbon. I feel my fabric, review what I have, let my mind spin with ideas, maybe straighten up a bit.

    I also have flowers to care for……I’m really lucky I can do some things during the day and I have a permanent heating pad in my recliner!

    1. Hey, that’s okay!!! You may have just helped me with my super itchy Persian!! I’ll have to see if cats can use that! So thank you!!! Besides, I’m always happy to hear from you, regardless of whether you’re on topic 😉
      Glad you had coffee in bed! What a treat! I am SO fortunate, I’m spoiled by Bri! That’s great that you can go in your craft room and appreciate things and have things that make you feel good! That’s what I love the most about decluttering and redecorating! I just appreciate my space so much more now!! Good idea on the heating pad!!! I can’t use them in Summer-but I do love them! Thanks Ally’sGrandma! ❤️️
      ps eventually you have to tell me your name! 😉

  3. Absolutely, making our home space as welcoming & comfortable as possible is such a good idea when we have to spend so much time there, it’s a brilliant investment. I seem to be forever trying to re-organise my room but over time it has become more of a sanctuary; there’s still a way to go to make it more comfortable, but it’s much more practical (ease of getting to stoma supplies and meds, a touch lamp because as you said softer lighting can be so much better) and generally more pleasant to be in (decorations that make me smile, lots of cushions, soft blankets). Great ideas for inspiration, Stace! xx

    1. Thanks Caz!! It’s an ongoing work in progress, right? The more I work on it, the better ways I find to continue to contend with it. But you’re right! Practicality is equally as important as comfort!!!

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