12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

I hesitated to even write this blog post. Everywhere we look are Christmas ideas and suggestions from everyone. However, you never can tell when you may spot an idea you hadn’t yet thought of.

While I am a “spoonie” (still looking for a replacement for that dreadful word), I am also still a woman who loves all sorts of things not related to being ill. So with that said, here are my 14 (not 12) days of Christmas suggestions:

  1. Up first is one of my favorites this year. It’s pricey, I will warn you, but Henry Rose perfume is actually EWG (Environmental Working Group) certified and contains non toxic ingredients. LOVE. If you purchase their 5 scent sampler for $20, they actually give you $20 off a full size bottle. My favorite scent is Torn. https://henryrose.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA27LvBRB0EiwAPc8XWZ2iYU4JP_mvYtdkQmRZQ1rj0xV1snZA0m8E-3TqOLhG9QGAMsU_shoCa6IQAvD_BwE
  2. Not as pricey, but still one of my favorites, are these marled socks from Journeys. They’re warm and comfy without being bulky. I can double them up for added warmth and still fit my big feet into my riding boots. https://www.journeys.com/product/Womens-Marled-Crew-Socks-5-Pack-5653?c=3342
  3. Next up are two great stocking stuffers!! Two of my favorite products from one of my absolute favorite companys: Be Green Bath and Body All Natural Deodorant (it really does work!!!) https://begreenbathandbody.com/collections/body/products/deodorant and their fantastic Shea Butter-a staple for winter dry skin!! https://begreenbathandbody.com/products/shea-butter-tin?_pos=3&_sid=281f06472&_ss=r
  4. It’s -1 degree here today and last week we were bombarded with 29 inches of snow. So it’s always important to have the right winter gear. This coat from Abercrombie is water resistant, wind resistant and ready??? Instead of birds being hurt, the fill in this coat is actually recycled materials! Yes!! I love a win-win! Check out the bright red! https://www.abercrombie.com/shop/us/p/ultra-puffer-36024819?categoryId=12252&seq=03&faceout=model
  5. As many of us can attest to, skin irritation and sensitivity can be a real pain to deal with (ha!). So I love the Soft and Sexy line from American Eagle. While I’m not specifically pointing out any one product, the line itself has super soft clothing that features no tags. I pretty much layer everything I wear with a S&S shirt underneath. https://www.ae.com/us/en/s/soft+and+sexy?cid=SRC_Brand_saVV9CPff
  6. Also a winter favorite of mine, but not for keeping warm. I love these stretchy gloves and wear them IN the stores. I fear the Flu, so wearing stretchy gloves prevents me from needing to touch germ paradises like card readers, shopping carts or pens. Once I get to my car, I take them off and once home, I just pop them in the washer. You can also use them to layer under other gloves, for those of us with dreaded Raynaud’s. Amazon has a package of 12 of them for $20-so you won’t run out or run broke!! https://www.amazon.com/2ND-DATE-Womens-Winter-Gloves/dp/B076VXJ3D6/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=women%27s+stretch+gloves&qid=1575818812&sr=8-2
  7. A staple in my winter wardrobe, next up is Uggs. While I detest using products that harm animals, I struggle tremendously in the cold with my Raynaud’s. Having once had it progress to the point of watching for Gangrene, I now carefully guard my tootsies and Uggs are about the only things that do so. I have multiple different colors, in varying boot heights. Since Uggs are not great with the weather, I cannot recommend their protection kits enough. https://www.ugg.com/women-boots-classic-boots/
  8. Our family present a few years ago, I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE our electric fireplace!!! It gives us that added oomph for the super cold nights, without the mess of wood and when it gets warmer and we hate to burn oil, it takes the chill out of the house. While we ordered ours from Lowe’s, I pretty much see them everywhere, including Big Lots. Incidentally, they’re also a great place to put your tv.
  9. I love buying local or USA made. When the products are healthier alternatives, it’s even better! Next up are soy and essential oil candles from Village Candle in Wells, Maine. When I’m stuck in the house for days on end, the delicious scents of candles help brighten my spirits. Find them here: https://www.villagecandle.com/collections/presence-soy-blend-candle-collection
  10. Unfortunately, there are no Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s anywhere near us. So last week, when we finally made the journey, I was like a kid in a candy store. While perusing, I found Organic Caramel Coffee, made with actual natural ingredients. It is SO good, it’s like drinking liquid candy. For a fun and tasty gift on Christmas morning, wrap this baby up from Whole Foods. (I’m sad to say it’s not available online)
  11. I still owe you guys an entire post on Reiki and how it has helped me immeasurably-but that is a whole other post in itself. So quickly, Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy” and is a form of alternative medicine called Energy Healing. It’s complimentary health benefits have been found so helpful, they are now offered in some of the Country’s best hospitals, such as: Dana Farber, Boston Children’s Hospital, The Mayo Clinic and John’s Hopkins. I had THE best teacher ever and she offers classes to learn this incredible art here: https://www.reikitrainingclasses.org/ As you consider gifts that keep giving, I cannot think of one that does that more than Reiki.
  12. I have long touted the magic of Essential Oils. I keep bottles of it by my couch and bedside and use them for headaches, migraines, relaxation and beating colds and flu. One thing I often hear is that DoTerra and Young Living are too expensive. So here is a newer company that offers less expensive EOs, with a money back guarantee. If you’re new to oils and don’t want to invest alot of money or if you’re still doubting their efficacy, try Revive Essential Oils as a more affordable stocking stuffer. https://www.revive-eo.com/
  13. How much of our time (sadly) do we spend sitting on the couch? Personally, I find the couch less depressing than bed. So what else can improve our extended couch stays? Well awesome blankies of course! My favorites? Sweater throws. So while they’re pretty popular now and can be found most places, Target has one of my favorites: https://www.target.com/p/chunky-knit-throw-blanket-threshold-153/-/A-53713369?preselect=54640767#lnk=sametab
  14. And last, but definitely not least, a Dyson. I cannot even imagine trying to clean my house without a Dyson anymore. It makes vacuuming actually manageable. This is actually my second Dyson and the battery life allows me to vac the whole house without recharging. This is the one we have here and I just cannot say enough good about it: https://www.dyson.com/sticks/dyson-v8-animal.html

I have missed you guys. Family emergencies and planning my Daughter’s wedding, not to mention the Holidays, have taken up alot of time lately. Trying to effectively manage all that, on top of typically feeling crummy, has resulted in less frequent posting. However, I am still here and have some upcoming posts in the works, including a secret family recipe! So stay tuned, my loves. I hope you are all well enough to be enjoying your holidays. You are all in my hearts, Stace

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11 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. I always love reading through gift lists so I’m glad you did do your post! I’m curious about that Henry Rose perfume, never seen or heard of it here in the UK. If only there was a ‘scratch and sniff’ ability on websites!
    It’s -1 over there? Yikes! It’s gale force winds here today, maybe 5 degrees, heavy rain and some flooding. Roll on spring for all of us..! 😉

    I love cosy winter warmers though like those socks you mentioned. I’m sorry that it sounds like you have it pretty bad with Raynaud’s too. I stick to thicker boots in the winter with two pairs of socks to prevent things getting too bad, but Uggs do look very cosy and appealing. I’ve never actually tried a pair on. Next time I’m in town I’ll have to try a pair to see what they’re like! (Hopefully I’ll hate them because I can’t afford them right now😂)

    Aww what date is your daughter’s wedding? I hope the prep is coming along okay, and that the family emergencies you mentioned are nothing too ‘serious’ (for lack of a better word) – I just hope everything is okay. Given everything you’ve got going on, you did a huge and very thorough post!

    Great list, Stace!
    Caz xxxx

    1. The Henry Rose is SO good. It actually lasts until the following day! But I love it mostly because it isn’t toxic.
      The weather here is making me crazy. We got 29 inches of snow, had -1, then it turned to 55 degrees. Which causes a bunch of other issues like water! Argh. We knew it was predicted to be a horrendous winter, but I’m already all set and we have three months to go!!!
      I love my Uggs-you actually wear them without socks! I buy kids, which makes them a tiny bit cheaper (though not much). They’re definitely an investment, but I have found if you seal them every year, I have a couple that are five years old. So they do last.
      We got through another emergency with my Aunt-one of only three members of my extended family I still have. She’s 92, so we realize that we’re on borrowed time. Every time she makes it through, we’re grateful for the additional time we get. As for Caitlin’s wedding, she’s getting married in April. It is busy and kind of crazy, but also super exciting, too. It’s just incredible to be going through and experiencing such huge things like seeing her in a wedding dress ❤️ We pray my health holds out every time we try to plan something and we’re trying to make emergency plans now to make sure I don’t go down before wedding. Such a Blessing, but sad that health has to diminish it. Eh-we cling to the positives, right Caz?? I hope you’re enjoying the Holiday season!!

  2. Spoonie. I agree, never liked that work. I like Shadow Boxer (fighting what we can not see). And Warrior, Fibro Warrior I guess. Spoonie, not so much. Great ideas Stacey! I’ve been looking for a new sent and Uggs really are a must! I buy the Bearpaw version. Very warm and comfortable! I don’t know what we’d do without our electric fireplace! Those Rock!

    Merry Christmas! Kim

  3. I, too, love, love, love my electric fireplace. Sometimes you buy something and it turns out to be some of the best money you ever spent. My Kindle. My little folding table that was twelve dollars in CVS, my unbelievably soft blanket from Christmas Tree Shops. It is so soft, that if my cat is on it, I can’t really tell if I’m petting the blanket or Gertrude without looking. I’m afraid to wash it because what if the texture changes? 🙂 But my fireplace. It looks like a real fireplace with bookcases on either side and you can have the heat on or just the fire alone. It makes me happy just to see it there.

    1. All great ideas, thanks for adding those! When we bought our first fireplace we really didn’t realize what a staple it would become. A couple years later, we upgraded and like you, it was one of our best purchases yet. Love my blankies too!

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