Do You Get Brain Fog?

I’d like to do a “compilation” Blog Post and was wondering if you would please be willing to help? 

It’s only three questions:

Do you get “brain”fog?

If so, can you describe it?

What, if anything, helps you better manage it?

I *really appreciate your input!!



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  1. Hi ya. I have CFS and yes I get brain fog. It limits what I can do in the day. The feeling is I’m aware of the limitations in my ability. I’ve found by trial and error that eating much less for dinner helps. And removing red meat, dairy and alcohol has given me a great chance for the next day. Energy though doesn’t seem affected.

    1. Wow, Nigel, thanks for the tips. Someone else said dairy and meat, too. I think that’s true about learning you have limitations. That’s tough to swallow, but realistic. I’ve had to stop driving anywhere that isn’t local and at night 🙄. It screws up my spatial awareness and perception. Thanks so much for responding!!

  2. I do get Fibro-fog once in a while. It’s like a cloud comes over me and I can’t think straight. It doesn’t last long, just a few minutes usually. At first I hadn’t heard of Fibro-fog. I was sure that I was getting dementia. It is a bit unsettling, but I stay calm and wait a bit and it clears up.

    1. Thanks so much, Ellen! Someone else said time helps, too. I worry about dementia and especially Parkinson’s Dementia too, since that’s what my Mom has. It can be scary!

      1. I was thinking about Fibro-fog. Nobody mentioned medication side effects. I had to discontinue Gabapentin because of Fibro-fog side effects. This is a common drug prescribed for Fibromyalgia, sometimes at high dosages. No one told me I might experience this. If I have to choose between pain or “cotton candy” head, I have to deal with the pain!

      2. Great point, Ellen! You’re so right!! While I haven’t gone the Gabapentin route, meds definitely play a part in fog. Sometimes I get med hangovers, even!! That’s just it, too, often times we have to choose between symptoms-yuck, not really a great choice. Thanks for your input!!

      3. I was prescribed that in 2004 in high doses. I felt like a vegetable. When I told the doctor I can’t do this, I cannot think straight, she got really upset with me. I then told her I didn’t need a Doctor to yell at me over a drug that was obviously not helping. I told her we’re done and walked out. I felt I had that Right.

      4. I’m happy you had the bravery to stand up for yourself and advocate what’s in your best interest; despite her upset. That’s not easy to do. And it shouldn’t be this way. Despite how often I’m sure many of us doubt ourselves, as my Husband always says: “you know how/what you feel” (sometimes, despite their data). Bravo, Hopeful!!

  3. Hello Stace! What a wonderful idea! I’ll do my best. 1. Yes. 2. Brain Fog, for me, is like being in an enclosed glass structure, like a phone booth! The words I want to say are just outside of my glass structure and I can see them, but I can’t get them to form. I just can’t say the words I can see. 3. Oh, I wish I had the answer! I’ve tried many things but the true antidote is time. Rest, relax, don’t stress, and it will pass in its own time. It comes on without notice and that is how the fog will clear.
    Hope these answers help! Best of luck with this! I’m excited to read others experience. 😊💜

    1. Thanks so much for this, Kim! I really appreciate your help! I’m really excited about all the people who have responded and provided their input! From getting outside, to upping Vitamin D, to “playing charades”, I’m loving the tips people have to cope with it. As I have learned in the past year since I started Blogging-sometimes it’s just super helpful to know other people struggle in the same ways. Happy New Year!

  4. Yes. I get brain fog. For example, I can be in Kroger, my food Store shopping with my daughter in law Amy, who is amazing and patient with me. We get to the toilet paper section. I know what brand I use but I blank out! So we end up doing a “ charades” to figure it out. It sounds funny, but it’s really frustrating. Between fighting the fibro pain, then the fog, by the time I’m done shopping, I’m done for it. Just exhausted. Physically and mentally. I love my daughter in law and my son, who are teachers, who were and are willing to educate and be educated about fibro.

    1. I’m glad you have such a great support system! That’s so helpful and important. I guess I hadn’t ever really thought of it being like charades, but you’re right. It sort of does come down to that. My kids always jump in with the missing words, until someone comes up with the right one or one close! And ugh-you aren’t kidding with the food shopping!! It zaps me the same way!! Thanks for your input! I really appreciate it! 😍

  5. Do you get “brain”fog? Yes! Yes I do!

    If so, can you describe it? My brain feels like mush first thing in the morning. Words and names and details escape me a lot of the time.

    What, if anything, helps you better manage it? I set reminders and alarms to remind me to do things I need to do.

  6. Oh Geez….do I ever. But I’m not sure how much is from fibro and how much is from aging. I literally lost my husband’s 11/15/10 paycheck. Then I lost two checks from customers that I had posted in Quickbooks. I had to methodically go through all paperwork and they weren’t in a pile, so then I started going through the file cabinet. Good grief.

    I am leaving the TV off and podcasts off while I am dealing with paperwork. I am trying to really think about what I am doing, which sounds dumb, but I did so much on autopilot and let’s face it the “auto” is not working very well lately.

    The long-term project is that I am going to find a home for every object in my home and have a typed up list alphabetized and where the item is along with a list of each each storage area and what is in it. So two different ways to find things. I got this idea from when my husband inherited his best friend’s reloading and gun supplies, along with a bunch of guns, a bunch of cash and a almost brand new truck. The items were mostly in half sized plastic bins from Costco, the ones with the yellow lids. Each container had a number on it with a list taped on top of what was in each container. Along with 32 tubs there was that binder with stuff listed two ways as I described. It’s like the organizing angels started to sing when I saw it.

    It’s pretty ambitious, but I have a pretty ambitious year planned!

    Happy New Year,

    Cheryl Fewell-Brown


    1. Ahha! So I finally know your name!!! Hi Cheryl!!! 😁 Okay. Now that I have that out of the way 😉 Yikes to missing paychecks/checks. That’s a tough one! Holy moly!! What a fantastic organizational system! But wow, I’m sure it took a lot of work! Just thinking about it makes me tired. LOL. But I bet it’s an incredible way to keep things straight!! Good luck with it and I hope it helps! I love that you have an ambitious new year planned!

  7. Yes I get brain fog and it seems that through the winter especially I experience it more or maybe I notice it more since all the aches and pains are more in the winter months.

      1. It doesn’t stop my fog, but I do notice it worsens if I’m not faithful with D2&3. Someone else reminded me of it too. I’m excited to compile this post after so many people responded!! I think we all have some really great info & suggestions for one another!!

  8. Feel empty headed. Can’t think straight. Making decisions is a huge task. Change my mind a lot about everything. A feeling of just being spaced out. Dizzy.

  9. Don’t know that I manage it well at all. But I do know when I’m mentally exhausted from it all I tend to do nothing and just rest mentally and physically and keep to myself.

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