Hope Despite Coronavirus Post #1

Overall, the news really just isn’t a positive outlet. While obviously, it’s important to inform us, sometimes, enough is just enough. As we’re deluged, inundated and overwhelmed with the constantness of Coronavirus reporting, it’s easy to lose sight of the positive things that are still happening around us. Despite the fear, despite the threat, despite the ominous cloud of despair floating over us, there IS hope.

I wrote a post the other day, which you can find here: https://fightingwithfibro.com/2020/03/23/coming-full-circle-with-my-crazy-corona-mind/. In that post, I mentioned how my life has recently been sent into a tailspin, as has everyone else’s. I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’m scared. I feel helpless. And as I endlessly wait for news on whether or not I’ll have surgery to have a recently diagnosed ovarian tumor removed, it would be much easier to just curl into a ball and become totally defeated, demoralized and hopeless or to endlessly cry and lash out.

While I obviously don’t want to do that. I also cannot do that. I’m afraid if I go down that slippery slope, it would take an absolute miracle to hoist me back up.

So instead, I’m continuing to fight, as I always do. Sometimes day by day. Sometimes minute by minute. This time, I want to drag you all into my fight and remind you, along with myself, that there IS STILL HOPE.

I have been in a war of the wills with WordPress for a couple months now and am still unable to like or comment on other people’s posts. Now, it appears I cannot easily link to other content either. But once again, I will rise above this maddening challenge and will not be defeated!!! Okay, I’m lying. I just found a crummy shortcut. But hey, this post (and the subsequent ones following) are all about perseverance, right?

While I have been posting hopeful, positive news on my social media for a few days now, I wanted to ensure that you, my favoritest peeps of all, definitely saw the stories too. So I will now also (archaically) link to those same news stories here first. Forgive my silly workaround. Here’s the story for my Hope Despite Coronavirus Post #1, you can also find it below the picture: https://abc3340.com/amp/news/local/sheriff-4-year-old-lee-county-girl-found-in-woods-had-been-missing-2-days?fbclid=IwAR1Xs6_UJ0OcKc37EBcM_5LmAOHs1fDu2gmUHbwwqRJawDoKWGgt89JYpy4

Stay healthy, be well, be hopeful. In times of great darkness, look to hope and our hearts to prevail. I love you all <3 Stace


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Fighting with Fibro and Living With Purpose. Mom, Wife, Blogger and animal lover. Fighting with Chronic Illness on a minute by minute basis; sometimes winning.

12 thoughts on “Hope Despite Coronavirus Post #1

  1. Your browser settings may be the issue as to commenting/liking.

    If you’re using Safari, go to “Preferences” in the “Safari” menu, then the “Privacy” tab. “Prevent cross-site tracking” needs to be unchecked.

    In Chrome, go to “Preferences” under the “Chrome” menu, then scroll down to the “Privacy and security settings” and click on “Site Settings” then “Cookies and site data”. “Block third-party cookies” has to be turned off.

    I’m not sure about Internet Explorer, but it would probably still be an issue related to cross-site tracking and/or third party cookies.

    1. I’d KISS YOU if it wasn’t dangerous!!! We’ve been killing ourselves trying to figure it out and ridiculously, WordPress hadn’t helped either. Mwah!!!! Sending you super grateful virtual hugs and kisses 🤗 Since the box was checked, I’m hoping I’m good now!!! Argh. Why does it always turn out to be *that* easy?!?

      1. You’re welcome! It took me forever to figure it out when this happened to me, and yeah, who woul;d have thought it would be just one little thing.

      2. Right!!! It’s been months! And even my Husband couldn’t figure it out. Which is highly unusual! Ok. Crossing fingers I’m good. You’re THE best!!!! 😍

    2. Ooooh that’s good, Ashley. I hadn’t known about that either in relation to liking/commenting. Blog guru to the rescue!

      With the linking in your posts, Stace… do you mean hyperlinking? So you write the word, highlight it, and above will pop up the text adjustments – Bold, Italics, then the paperclip. Go for paperclip to link, add the url, press the drop-down arrow and set to ‘open in new window’, then click the enter arrow on there to save it.

      If this is not what you mean then I don’t mean to insult your intelligence and I apologise! 😂xx

      1. Hahah well if you’re still having issues with anything let me know, WP can be so glitchy – I’ll be happy to provide instructions for anything you DON’T need to know (and unlikely to be helpful on things you do need to know!) 😂😂😂

      2. RLMFAO!! Glad we aren’t losing our senses of humor too. Especially given my mind is long gone. 🤣 Now that you mention it-do you know if you need to be on the highest WP plan to be able to embed videos? I can’t embed any videos and can’t figure out why…..
        It’d be great if I were married to an IT guy who could fix it. Oh wait!! 🤔🤣

      3. Hahah 😂
        Well, I think I won’t be able to help you so here it goes… I’m self hosted but use the regular wordpress (ie. I don’t pay anything to WP). Go to the + to add something new > embed > enter your URL < click ‘embed’. If you’re using HTML rather than a URL then you can just enter that as an ‘HTML’ block. That's all the stuff you know I imagine! I’ve done both for YouTube videos. For a news story, I’m not sure, I would have just hyperlinked that.

        I’ve tried your news URL on a draft post of mind and it says it can’t be embedded. In which case, all you can do is hyperlink it (so, ‘check out the story here’ and link that to it). I don’t think every piece of media/websites can be embedded. So I don't think you're missing anything, I think you're just trying to do the impossible! xx

      4. Great job, Professor Caz!! I was wondering the exact same thing-was thinking I had invented something I just couldn’t do. Leave it to me!! LOL
        Thanks again!!

  2. From Monday through yesterday I sewed 90+ masks and on surgical cap for my daughter’s work and my next door neighbor took them to where she works (she is an ICU nurse locally). I have such a burden on my heart to contribute. My husband has been helping me cut material and interfacing, pressing, trimming, basically everything but actually sew. I have had to take my maximum amount of pain meds each day, but today I hit a wall. I just felt like I could barely keep my eyes open so I decided it’s time to stop for a little bit. I’m going to bed right after I post this and hopefully I will have my energy back tomorrow morning!

    1. I am humbled by this beautiful act.
      I love you ❤️
      I know how much pain you’re always in-so to even consider undertaking such a task is heroic. I pray that you’re feeling better this morning and thank you (and your Husband) tremendously for helping the other heroes working the front lines. Be well and thank you for sharing this with us. ❤️❤️❤️

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