Hope Despite Coronavirus Positive News Post #2

I missed a post yesterday; we went food shopping. It took us two hours to shop (with driving) and three hours to disinfect afterwards. Sigh…….strange times, guys. Strange times. It was eerie to shop yesterday. It was the first time that most people were wearing masks and gloves. My heart broke seeing the couple of kids in the store and how frightening it must be for them; nevermind us.

Continuing with my focus on the positive side of things, today’s highlight is *especially* near and dear to my heart.

I got a comment from one of our own Fibro Fighters late last night, Cheryl (WP name Allysgrandma). Despite living in constant pain, she, with the help of her Husband, managed to sew and have delivered, 90+ face masks and a surgical mask to the local ICU. What an absolutely enormously heroic act.

It truly exemplifies that we can *still* contribute to the greater good, despite having a crippling condition.

On behalf of my humble heart, thank you Cheryl. We love you <3

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6 thoughts on “Hope Despite Coronavirus Positive News Post #2

    1. Hi!! Thank you!! I’m really glad you found us and are enjoying everyone’s comments!!! It’s super nice to meet you, especially under all these negative circumstances surrounding the virus. We’re grateful to have you!! ❤️ Stace

  1. Oh Stacey, Now I’m embarrassed. My husband is trying to get me to take the day off, but I just had a request from the assisted living facility my mom lives in. I actually used to run it. They need 100! I do have a quicker method but it will still take a while. I’m doing okay. Thank you so much. The gratitude is what keeps me going from the medical providers. I get all these pictures of people wearing the masks and surgical caps I have made. Everyone take care and be safe!

    1. Oh no. I’m sorry 😕 I hope I didn’t offend/upset you……I wanted to celebrate you being a rockstar and helping so many people!! Its SO nice to hear about something positive or people’s contributions, instead of all the doomsday. And since I can’t sew, all I can do is celebrate you!! What you’re doing is really amazing. I have great respect for you. Thank you. My folks and Aunt all live in Assisted Living, for now, there’s been zero cases and all the residents are healthy. Which seems like a miracle. That’s all down to people like you. Be well. I’ll be thinking of you and sending you strength. I’d say don’t work yourself too hard, but I can hear the determination coming through. Much Love ❤️

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