Hope Despite Coronavirus Positive News Post #3

You guys!!!……Such positive things to post today, my heart is lighter than it’s been in weeks!!! I have a few great stories to share with you, so I’m going to forego any introductions!

  1. Up first, my baby girl’s Birthday was yesterday. Between canceling the honeymoon, canceling the wedding and having her dress ruined and subsequently returned, my Daughter was pretty bummed about spending her Birthday in isolation yesterday. SO……..we drove the two hours to bring her a cake, the doggies (cause they could kiss her) and a big huge sign. Of note, I’m getting old…….I got the bright idea to make her a HUGE sign and color it beautifully. Is it me or did you guys also forget how long it takes to color??? Like long! Anyhow…….with her cake in a saucepan for travel, the fuzznuts safely harnessed and our sign in tow, we surprised Caitlin for her Birthday. Now, I’d like to say it went off as perfectly as I wanted it to, BUT……that wouldn’t be my life. Instead, I ended up loudly (like the Italian that I am) serenading her entire apartment complex when I got her new apartment number wrong. Eh……I don’t know her neighbors 😉 So top story of the day (cause you know how sappy I am), is my Daughter’s isolation Birthday. And yes, she’s as little as she looks-her Fiance isn’t a giant. I was pretty ecstatic the sign turned out to be the same size as her!!

2. Teachers are heroes in my mind. They always have been. You can find proof of that opinion with this next story, found below. A sixth grader, in South Dakota, was struggling with her online math lesson. Despite student, Rylee Anderson, emailing with the Teacher, Chris Waba, for additional help, she was still struggling. So, like all heroes that run to the rescue, that’s exactly what Chris did. Here’s a photo of Rylee getting first hand help. I LOVE this!!!! https://www.wusa9.com/article/syndication/heartthreads/photo-teacher-helping-student-through-door-coronavirus/65-6dcfc365-b465-4dea-bdf8-9adc19a32750

3. This needs NO explanation. But I may have just needed a box of tissues to see this. YAY!!! I am SO grateful. A Russian plane carrying 60 TONS of supplies, including masks and ventilators, arrived at JFK International Airport, in New York yesterday!!! https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/russian-plane-coronavirus-medical-gear-lands-u-s-after-trump-n1174436

4. Last, but certainly not least, Robert Kraft and Family put the private Patriots plane to use, bringing 1.2 million N-95 face masks to Boston this morning!! You can read this, also positive, story here: https://www.wcvb.com/article/robert-kraft-using-patriots-plane-to-get-protective-equipment-from-china/32014916#

It’s been a really long month. The truly saving Grace of this entire situation are the people, the countries, the communities et. al, coming together in such a dire situation to help. So thank you. Just a little reminder today to keep the hope. I love you all…..(try to) stay healthy, stay in and be well. <3

*the pictures all belong to the stories that are linked and that they represent* except of course for my amazing dog and kid photos

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3 thoughts on “Hope Despite Coronavirus Positive News Post #3

  1. Aww HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to your daughter! I’m sure her neighbours appreciated the serenading too 😉 That was such a lovely thing to do to drive all the way there, share the doggy love and your sign and cake. You’re one awesome momma.

    And that is brilliant news about the supplies landing in NY & Boston, woohoo!!
    Caz xx

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