Hi everyone!! I hope it’s not as gray and gloomy where you are. The constant rain and gray don’t help my mood much. The beginning of the week was so beautiful, we actually got out into the gardens and got the gazebo up. Which was awesome.

I couldn’t help but to think how just last month we were creating a harried, last minute punch list, for the house to be perfectly spiffy for wedding photos. It was with a heavy heart that we moved through those same things we wanted to do, with no wedding on the horizon……but we revert back to being grateful we’re ok.

I’m sort of Hollywooded out…..so today, I wanted to focus on the little people, like us, doing great things. Up today, here are my exemplifications of good in times of darkness……..

These have certainly been some challenging times. It’s so uplifting to see so many regular people becoming heroes in such times. My hat is off to them all.

As I say goodbye, I would just like to quickly say that while it’s certainly easy to order from Amazon, let’s not forget all our local businesses that support not only our economy, but our local communities as well. Local businesses pay people, provide insurance, provide revenue for towns and cities and in general, keep us going. As we all try to get through this, local shops are going to need our help now, too!!

Here’s my first mention of honor because I just truly love the shop owners. Mark and Angie have THE best hearts and the coolest little shop. Find their website here: http://www.ccgiftgallery.com/

They sell everything from electronics to essential oils and candles or a card for someone you may not be able to see right now. Check them out, I’m 100% sure the owners will help you find whatever your heart desires.

I pray that you all stay healthy and safe. Much Love to you all. Stace

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