Surgery Indefinitely Delayed AND They Don’t Think It’s Cancer

After a really long couple of months of waiting, they have indefinitely delayed my surgery. However, the Surgeon, in agreement with the Radiologist, feels it is not cancer. While we won’t know for sure until I actually have the surgery, I’m comfortable in trusting the Surgeon and the two MRI’s…….

I have another MRI scheduled, just to be safe, in six weeks. And while I still need surgery, it seems as though the urgency of it can be delayed until they have a better handle on Coronavirus.

While I’m keeping this post short, due to not feeling well, there really isn’t much left to say. What a gift. I’m beyond grateful to have this incredibly frightening weight lifted from my shoulders.

I want to wholeheartedly thank all of you for your prayers, well wishes and personal emails. You brought me such hope during a particularly dark time and I’m extremely grateful.

Much love, Stace <3

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8 thoughts on “Surgery Indefinitely Delayed AND They Don’t Think It’s Cancer

  1. Stacey this is wonderful news. You made my day. Thank you Jesus, for answered prayers. I’m so glad to hear this. Rest now and be at peace.
    I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been having more headaches lately and just tired beyond belief. I’m thinking it’s the extreme stress we are all feeling. Thankful to God we have been safe but have a dear friend whose husband is struggling in the hospital with this virus. Worst part my friend Elissa just lost her mom on Passover. It’s hard to hear and see so much suffering. Please keep them in your prayers. Stacey thank you for sharing this good news. In the midst of what we are going through every good thing that happens feels like a triumph. 🙏🏻❤️
    Prayers and love always

    1. Thanks SO much, Sandy!! I truly appreciate the emails and prayers. I have been thinking of you and your friend’s Husband (and praying). I hope he improves. The news seems to be getting less and less hopeful day by day. So I’ve actually stopped reading it. I totally agree, it seems we aren’t hearing of anything but suffering-so we were so beyond grateful to get this good news. So while we still won’t firmly know until surgery, I’ll still take this as a win. Please hang in there….things will get better. I will be thinking of you and yours and sending my love. <3

  2. That’s great news about the non-cancerous opinions. Hopefully it won’t take too long for the surgery. Where I am the government is talking about getting some elective surgeries going sometime in May if the rate of new coronavirus cases continue to decrease.

    1. Thanks SO much, Ashley!! The Surgical Scheduler called the other day to say all May surgeries are canceled now too. So I’m not too sure when they’ll start to schedule again, his main concern was if I needed to stay for three days, he’s concerned I’ll get the virus. Me too!! So hopefully it won’t be too long until it’s safe! Stay healthy and be well <3

  3. I’m sorry you are not feeling well. I was sewing 10-12 hours a day up until a few days ago when I hit a wall. I got a good muscle relaxant from my doctor and then she asked me to sew her a mask and matching surgical cap. So I did. But then, ridiculously, I had a fall on Saturday. I was doing an organizing challenge with Andrew Mellen and he was live. He started to talk about getting your family members involved in organizing and I wanted my husband to hear what he was saying. So I jumped up with my laptop and I tripped over my foot pedal for my sewing machine I think, and I started to fall. I grabbed the doorknob and thought I was going to stay up, but then I knew I was going to fall so I decided to protect my laptop! I fell between the door and the wall and my husband could not even get in the room. He stuck his hand around the door and helped me up. So today I’m in pain, but it will pass. I a so glad I had this extra time with DH at home. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Oh NO!!! Ugh. I’m so sorry to hear this. The falls do not help matters. I hope you’re feeling better today and on your way to healing. Thank goodness he was able to somewhat grab you and help you up. Take extra good care of yourself (and maybe a few days off of sewing for other people!!)

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