Eating Healthy Quick Tip

Do you know what I LOVE eating for lunch?…..

OREOS!!!! (well the organic version anyhow)

Instead, I’m eating salad. I buy an organic mix that has multiple green leaf veggies. I throw in carrot sticks, blueberries and add in walnuts, for a protein source. Then, because I hate salad, I throw some Kashi cinnamon shredded wheat on top, instead of croutons. It gives it just a little sweetness and crunch and takes away the yucks of healthy eating. All while being healthy!

I still prefer Oreos though.

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Fighting with Fibro and Living With Purpose. Mom, Wife, Blogger and animal lover. Fighting with Chronic Illness on a minute by minute basis; sometimes winning.

9 thoughts on “Eating Healthy Quick Tip

  1. I hate salad, too, and would never have thought of this solution. I also hate Oreos, so that bit wouldn’t help. Hydrox for the win. They are not sickly sweet like Oreos, but then they are also extremely hard to find. 🙂

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    1. LOL. I haven’t heard of Hydrox in a hundred years! I occasionally got those as a kid. I didn’t even know they were still made. Wow!!
      I actually eat Bake to Nature Double Cremes….but they’re very dangerous. So I try not to keep them in the house. The Kashi helps w the sweet tooth and also the need for carbs, but has good fiber content. So it’s a win! (plus they aren’t salad 🤣) This over 40 eating isn’t for the faint of heart!!


  2. I love your salad secret! I put nuts, grapes and apples on mine to get that sweet taste. But yours sounds way better!
    I just started following you. I have my health challenges to but I love a little humor during my day. Can’t wait to start reading your posts!

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    1. Pleasure to meet you, Lynn! Thanks so much for the comments and intro!
      If you’re after laughter, I think you’ll find it here-cause if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry, right (or throw things like pillows and empty water bottles)? Thanks for the reciprocated salad tips! It would be so much easier to eat healthy food if it tasted like junk food, right?….Maybe someday.
      I hope you enjoy the posts and the beyond incredible readers here.
      Much love ❤️Stace


  3. Sounds like a good mix-and-match lunch, Stace. I’m nowhere near that healthy. Give me a yoghurt and packet of low fat baked crisps (aka potato chips) and I’m happy! I like your idea of the shredded wheat instead of crutons. In a similar way, I have dry Frosties with no milk (sugary cornflake cereal) as a popcorn alternative when I’m watching TV at night. xx

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    1. Doesn’t sound pathetic, at all!!! And you bring up a great point I forgot to mention. I buy all that stuff ready to eat!!!
      So a salad kit that comes washed, carrots already washed & shredded, walnuts in a container and frozen blueberries (already washed), so they won’t expire. Then I just throw it all together! If it was much more work than the throwing together, my health would be in trouble-because like you, I need super easy solutions. Most of the time, my Husband cooks dinner. Great point to bring up!! Thanks Wendi!!

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