The Amazing (and Incredibly Ginormous) Beauty of Joan the Rhododendron….

Every year, we get this incredible and super exciting experience of having Joan, our Rhododendron, bloom in unison. It’s really just a miraculous thing to witness.

She’s named after my Aunt Joan, whose favorite flower was the Rhododendron. She came to our house, only once, before she died and was totally awestruck by what she called “the biggest Rhododendron she’d ever seen”. Now, every year, I’m reminded of her and know she’s seeing it, in all it’s glory, from Heaven.

I wish I knew an Arborist or landscaping expert who could approximate her age for us. With our house being 80 years old, we wonder if she’s about the same.

I’m including one pic with my Husband in the photo, so you can better understand her size. We estimate she’s about 100 feet long, 25-30 feet high and 45 feet wide.

And somehow, the entire bush blooms all at once, over the course of a week.

Because she’s such a spectacular thing to witness, I wanted to share it with you. I’ll update this with a couple more photos, once she’s all done.

It’s truly humbling to sit next to this and listen as the whole bush vibrates and buzzes with bees.

Sending out much love into the world today, one flower at a time ❤️.

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10 thoughts on “The Amazing (and Incredibly Ginormous) Beauty of Joan the Rhododendron….

  1. How beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it!
    You have a gorgeous yard too!
    Thanks for sharing !!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Lynn! Our house is old and has so much magic to it. We really love it, but ohhhh the work. Some days it’s enough to make us sell.
      She really is spectacular, isn’t she? Thanks so much!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful thing to have! The shot with your husband for comparison blew me away. I got curious and googled the world record and its an amazing 105 feet tall! I had no idea rhododendron could grow so big. It’s awe inspiring. And I love you named her for you Aunt. What a lovely post.

    1. LOL! Thanks for looking it up! At the encouragement of a friend of mine, we may call into a Garden Show on the radio, to see if they can figure out how old she is! Isn’t that nuts to see Bri standing next to it? We are SO lucky to have inherited it when we bought the house! But she exploded when we took down a bunch of really old/huge trees. I adore her! What a treat every year!

      1. Oh, I definitely would call and see if they can. If they don’t have the knowledge, try the botany department of the closest University. They’d probably love Joan the Rhododendron and could tell you all sorts of stuff. I look forward to hearing what you find out. She really is magnificent 😍

      2. That’s a really great idea, Michelle! Thank you!! I’ll give an update if I hear anything.
        She really just is incredible. I wish people could see her. While I try to get pics that accurately show how huge she is, it truly doesn’t do her any justice! We never knew Rhodys could grow to her size! It’s pretty cool! Thanks again!!

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