Covid Can’t Stop Love…

When My Parents and Great, Great Aunt/Godmother couldn’t attend my Daughter’s wedding, we brought the wedding to them!! The Bridal walk, Dress, Minister (me!), ceremony, vows and all ❤️

Covid can’t stop love ❤️

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9 thoughts on “Covid Can’t Stop Love…

  1. Waaaaah this is the wedding?? Your daughter is now married?!? CONGRATULATIONS!! Finding a way around the challenges proves that anything is possible and that love always wins  ♥

    1. Well now that I have successfully inundated you with photos on Twitter, YES!!!! The kids got married ❤️
      And, weeks later (once we quarantined), we repeated the whole thing so my Parents and Aunt/Godmother could see. It just wasn’t the same without them there (for anybody).
      And that’s just it, Caz…..I may spend a week in bed for pulling these things off (or a month, for that matter), but at least I can pull them off (with a lot of planning).
      And no matter what Covid threw at them, those kids *still* walked down the aisle (four planned weddings later 😉).
      So in the end, we’re living proof of just that: love always wins, maybe just not easily. ❤️ ❤️

    1. Awwww. Thank you, Lindsay ❤️ If you look closely, you can see my Aunt crying (good tears). She cried throughout and my Mom just kept shaking her head, saying “I can’t believe you did this”……
      We were SO happy they got to see it and my Daughter was able to share it with them.
      The kids originally moved the wedding up due to their age and health issues-to make sure they would be with us.
      So, this wasn’t ideal, but we were still together and that’s all that mattered. Bonus, my Mom was so sad she couldn’t bring Caitlin in the building to show her off to everyone……turns out, the whole facility was watching through the windows, so my Mom got her bragging rights, after all 🥰❤️

  2. That is so great!!!! I just love this! Sometimes the pain is worth it! Especially doing this for your family. Your kids will cherish this moment forever. ❤️

    1. This was easily one of the (second, since the actual wedding was first 😉) proudest, most humbling moments of my entire life-to not just be Mom, but to officiate.
      And it serves as a great reminder, on the low days, of ALL I still get to do, despite this chronic life. ❤️
      Thank you.

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