Normalcy Really is What You Make it.

Normalcy really is what you make it.

My youngest Son had asked me to cut his costume wig. So the day of, he texted me first and asked if I was feeling up to keeping our plans. I said “not really, but let’s try anyways”.

As I cut (scissors next to his face), I suddenly fell over, which is pretty normal for me, though thoroughly embarrassing when out in public.

He caught me and asked if I was okay. He laughed and said “I think you got my ear, am I bleeding?” Which thankfully, he wasn’t. We laughed and went on; cutting, perfecting and chatting.

In the end, he’s happy with his wig, I’m happy I got to spend time with him and in that moment, illness didn’t matter or win. ❤️

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14 thoughts on “Normalcy Really is What You Make it.

  1. I keep waiting for something like this to happen when I cut my husband’s hair! Amazing how we can just all of a sudden start leaning and there’s not a damn thing to be done about it, but it happens to me, too. So glad he caught you and no one was injured! xx

    1. Oh wow-it happens to you, too?
      Even if I’m just standing still, I lose my balance and start to fall over and stumble. It’s very odd.
      Not too big of a deal when I’m home, but horribly embarrassing if I’m at the store and seem intoxicated 🙄
      It’s especially great when I’m falling over AND speak in gibberish. Sigh.
      Good to know someone else has this issue!
      We joked afterwards that maybe I’m not the best person to have scissors so close to someone’s face 🤣😂
      Hubby and the kids have gotten pretty adept at catching me!

      1. It happens to my husband, too. We’re always catching each other. For me, it’s like, if I can make contact with a solid surface, I can correct, but I’m doomed in open spaces. I kinda think it’s a proprioception problem, like how we trip on air and walk into things. Our bodies get confused and can’t tell where we are? Seems to happen most often if I make a sudden turn or head movement. By the way, do you have depth perception issues? I know I’ve had it for a long time, but it’s getting really bad. I’m constantly knocking things out of my hands when I try to put them on a shelf. I often miss what I grab for (I usually knock it over and make a mess) and I couldn’t throw accurately if my life depended on it. I feel like a giant toddler, especially when I throw a big tantrum out of frustration. 😂 The sippy cups I have to use doesn’t help that impression much, either! Never a dull moment, is there?

      2. I totally have depth perception issues. It’s actually why I try not to drive. I don’t, unless I’m forced to, like with ALL my Son’s appointments. But he’s my eyes and helps make judgement calls for me. And if I have to park, like at the hospital, I drive all the way away from other cars to park. Beyond this situation, I won’t drive anymore.
        Which stinks because my Husband used to tease me and joke with people that I was the best woman driver he knew. LOL.
        Beyond that, the falling over is such a nuisance and embarrassing as hell in public. 🙄 I try not to let it bother me, but when I can’t speak AND I’m falling over-it’s tough for people to not assume I’m drunk.
        At home, I’m constantly tripping “on air”, as you put it and I walk into the wall, all the time, in our walk through. At least, thankfully, I’ve learned to put my hands up now before I face plant. (Funny, not funny).
        The stairs, well those just scare me. I hold onto railings and try not to have things in my hands. For 45, you’d think I was 90! And nope, not ever one dull moment. Ever. I wish all that excitement came from fun stuff!

      3. I feel so much the same. No more driving here unless it’s absolutely unavoidable and stairs… don’t get me started on those bastards. I’ve had so many frightening falls, my PTSD brain likes to play them on repeat sometimes. At least we know we’re not completely alone in these trials. Big hugs to you! xx

      4. Good to not be alone. You are SO right, Michelle. I am SO grateful to have found this community. ❤️
        When I am forced to drive, it terrifies me (which only makes you drive worse). We’re actually in the process of selling my beautiful truck to our Newlyweds (sniff). I don’t drive enough to warrant the payment. Although sadness, I will really miss my heated seats. A lot.
        As for the stairs, omg. I hold on like hell, God they scare me. I’ve actually trained one of my dogs to help me with them…..which is priceless.
        I fell so hard, once, Bri said he stood there in astonishment, waiting, terrified I was dead. 🙄
        Good stuff, Michelle. Good stuff.

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