The Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Living With Chronic Illness

Will you live in sorrow, self pity and anger? Or will you choose to change, just as your body and mind has? What you choose to do next is what actually defines you.

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Today is National Rescue Dog Day!!

Today, May 20th, is National Rescue Dog Day!! So no matter how lousy I’m feeling, I needed to post in recognition and appreciation for the two dogs who adopted us. After falling ill, we finally had the right home situation to adopt and in 2013, we brought home our Australian Shepard mix, Lola. Three years […]

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Chronic Illness Never Takes a Day Off…(funny pic)

Chronic Illness never takes a day off. It’s finally sunny and 70 in Massachusetts today. How am I spending this absolutely gorgeous day? Sleeping, in pain, sitting on the couch watching tv, trying not to be sick. So I just have to say:

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