The Important Reason Why I Write About Living With Chronic Illness

This may be one of my most emotional, soul bearing posts to date, but also one of my most important.

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The Two Dogs That Saved Our Marriage.

I wanted to share this picture. My Husband and I have been together coming up on 14 years. Last year, we had one hell of a time. Sometimes, life can just drown you and it feels impossible to get your feet under you. For the first time ever, as we cried, we discussed divorce. That’s […]

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To The Man I Married, From The Girl You Didn’t

My Husband is home from work today, burning through a vacation day early in the year. Selfishly, I love waking up and having him here, but he isn’t here so we can go off doing fun things or going on vacation. He’s here because today, as many other days, he woke up with terrible anxiety […]

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