The Blogs and Bloggers I Follow

Long before I began blogging, I was following Blogs about Chronic Illness, Fibro and CFS/ME. Over the years, I have come across some really great Blogs and met some really great Bloggers. So I wanted to introduce you to them. I am so grateful to have found a plethora of information and encouragement, over the years, from great people like them.

Meet Caz at InvisiblyMe-you will absolutely love her!! Caz is 30, has been sick for 11 years and blogs about a myriad of conditions and living life positively with them. You can feel that same positivity and warmth in every exchange you have with Caz. You can check out her Blog here:

Kim at I Tripped Over a Stone was one of the very first Bloggers that welcomed me to the Blogging world with open arms and really encouraged me. Kim is a veteran spoonie and aside from writing her blog, maintains a Facebook page and has written a book about Fibro. Please find Kim here, I’m sure she’ll be just as warm to you:

Melinda is another Blogger who has been super welcoming and supportive. The thing about Melinda is this: she’s fiesty!! Watch out!! Despite Melinda suffering from multiple health issues, she still finds the time to be positive and occasionally silly. Melinda blogs in a couple places. You can find her here: and here:

Lee Good was my very first Pinterest follower and every exchange I’ve had with her has been really great! She has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to Blogging. Lee has her own Blog: but Lee also manages The Fibro Blogger Directory here: The great thing about Lee’s directory is that you can find great Fibro Bloggers from around the world conveniently listed in Lee’s directory.

Claire Saul writes at PainPals Blog. Claire has an award winning Blog and does a great roundup of inspiring weekly blog posts on Mondays. This Monday Magic gives one an opportunity to check out other great blogs, besides Claire’s. But make sure not to skip over her great content! Find Claire here:

Michelle writes at The Zebra Pit. What I really love about Michelle’s Blog is that it is super diverse and covers not only Chronic Illness, but also touches upon Mental Health, recipes and health and wellness. Michelle is also super personable and sweet!! Check out Michelle’s Blog here:

While I haven’t had any specific interactions with the Bloggers who write these Blogs, I have found their Blogs to be very informative! I imagine these Bloggers are just as awesome as their content. Check them out!

If I have forgotten you, please forgive me, this is a dynamic page and will be updated and added to accordingly! I find and meet great Bloggers every day! ❤ Stace